5. Infrastructures and Applications for Vehicular Communications

Theme Leader: Victor Leung (University of British Columbia)

Network Team:
  • Alejandro Quintero (Polytechnique de Montreal)
  • Fei Richard Yu (Carleton University)
  • Khalil El-Khatib (University of Ont. Institute of Technology)
  • Kiringa Iluju (University of Ottawa)
  • Mohamed Ibnkahla (Queen's University)
  • Panos Nasiopoulos (University of British Columbia)
  • William Wong (Communications Research Centre)

In this theme we aim to provide crucial linkages between the research network with its focus on information and communication technologies, and the "user sectors" of the research outcomes of this network, in particular transportation users and transportation authorities. The technical challenge of this work lies in the fact that the public wireless network is also evolving at a great pace, such that these applications need to be developed to take full advantage of the emerging capabilities of the public networks. On the other hand, evolution of public wireless networks should take into account the needs to support advanced VANet applications.Promising technologies coming out of other network themes will be incorporated into next generation applications developed in this theme, while the lessons learnt from application developments and users' experience will be channeled to all the network themes to ensure that the outcomes of this network will serve the needs of the users.

Project 5.1: Harnessing Vehicular Social Networks for Crowd-sensing
Project 5.2: Applications Supporting Efficient and Secure Movements of Freights
Project 5.3: Secure and Trusted Terminals and Network Infrastructure
Project 5.4: Highway wildlife/vehicle collision mitigation