Vision and Goal

The vision shared by the proposed network participants is to see developed and deployed distributed, robust, secure and fault-tolerant communication solutions that will enable the proliferation of intelligent vehicular network systems to reduce roadway fatalities, fossil-fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestions, while providing drivers and passengers with driving comfort applications such as location-aware services, multimedia streaming, local news, tourist information and alert messages on highways and city streets.
The expected outcomes of this network research will include:

  • Solid understanding of next generation intelligent vehicular network service and application requirements in a heterogeneous wireless environment.
  • Design of an integrated framework for heterogeneous vehicular ad hoc and sensor networks
  • Robust and secure infrastructure
  • A suite of efficient vehicular communication protocols and testbeds to foster Canadian research in large-scale vehicular networks for ITS-based applications.

The proposed technologies for intelligent vehicular networks will enable the development and testing of innovative products and services in order to reduce congestion, improve mobility over current practices and enhance safety for drivers and passengers.
As a whole the DIVA Network research proposes to cover several fundamental and practically relevant VANet aspects and issues. Although it is an ambitious project, we have assembled an experienced research team; industry partners and government representatives will collaborate to accomplish the proposed goal and objectives.